House Rules is a compelling dark comedy written by Labbie A. Rey Pamatmat featuring the lovely and talented Tiffany Villarin.


The folks at Ma-Yi took a few minutes to get to know Tiffany a little bit better, and we’re thrilled to share with you what we learned here.



What character do you play, Tiffany?

Is this your first encounter with House Rules?
No, I think I’ve been lucky enough to do one reading and two workshops of this play at Ma-Yi and at the Lark within the past year.

But this is your first full production with Ma-Yi, right?

What are you looking forward to most in this rehearsal process?
…spending time with these funny, talented people!

And who do you think should come see this show?
Do you have a sibling rivalry? Filipino parents? Mad Monopoly skills? There’s something in this for you!

What’s your favorite game?
Oh man, I love the two player card game Spit and the party card game Spoons. I tend to get really competitive. Blood has been drawn.

Does your family ever play with it’s own “rules” for a certain game?
My family asks for full participation in dancing The Twist and The Electric Slide at our New Year’s Eve Party. Bonus points if you can Wobble.

Sweet!  Sounds like fun.  Besides being an awesome dancer/game player, do you have any odd or unusual special skills?
I can name all of the helping verbs. Am, is, are, was, were, be….etc.

What is your favorite late night snack?
I love to dunk honey graham crackers in a glass of cold milk.

If you could say anything to your mom and dad right now, what would it be?
Maraming salamat…po?

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TIFFANY VILLARIN: Regional: THE LANGUAGE ARCHIVE (Bristol Riverside), PEERLESS (Yale Repertory), THE GROWN UP (Actors Theatre Humana Festival 2014), GHOSTWRITTEN (Goodman).  New York: PEERLESS (Cherry Lane Mentor Project), FIGARO (The Pearl), DREAM ACTS (Re/Union Company), GENTRIFUSION (Red Fern), RESURRECTION (Diverse City), Nina in National Asian American Theatre Company’s vaudeville inspired version of THE SEAGULL, SIX (2G). Chicago: CONCERNING STRANGE DEVICES FROM THE DISTANT WEST (Timeline Theatre), GOLDEN CHILD (Silk Road Rising), THE SEARCH FOR ODYSSEUS (Adventure Stage Chicago).  Film/Television: THE BLACKLIST (recurring), GOTHAM (co-star), CERTAINTY (supporting).  Sundance Theatre Lab 2007: GHOSTWRITTEN and HAVE YOU SEEN STEVE STEVEN? Ms. Villarin has a B.F.A. in Acting from The Theatre School of DePaul University and is a member of The Actors Center.



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