Meet the Playwright!

House Rules is a compelling dark comedy written by Labbie A. Rey Pamatmat, co-director of the Ma-Yi Writers Lab and playwright extraordinaire.


The folks at Ma-Yi took a few minutes to get to know Rey and his play a little better, and we’re thrilled to share with you what we learned here.




This isn’t you’re first run around with Ma-Yi, is it?
No, I’ve done readings and workshops with Ma-Yi all over the place, and I currently serve as Co-Director of the Ma-Yi Writers Lab.

We are excited to have the opportunity to produce the world premiere of House Rules.  Tell us about your show!
House Rules follows the siblings in two tight knit Filipino-American families (and some guy named Henry) when they realize that their parents aren’t going to be around forever. I mean, what can you do when faced with parental mortality and your own? Go totally nuts? Learn everything you can learn from your parents so you can figure out how to remember them before they’ve even gone away? Become them? Just hope it all goes away?

Also, it’s funny.

Can you tell us what you are looking forward to most in this rehearsal process?
Spending time with this amazing cast and creative team, seeing if this laughing in the face of death thing will actually work, and being mean to Henry (poor Henry).

Why should someone come see this play?
You will laugh all the laughs and feel all the feels but still have plenty to chew on when the night is through. Also, did I mention how amazing this cast/team is?

What’s your favorite game?
In case you can’t tell from the play, I’m a huge fan of Monopoly and sungka. Although lately most of my brainless game time is spent with Two Dots on my phone.

Does your family ever play with it’s own “rules” for a certain game?
No. We keep things pretty official. Except for the whole free money on Free Parking thing.

Do you have any odd or unusual special skills?
Writing plays is pretty unusual… but when I’m well practiced, I can also solve Rubik’s cube.

What is your favorite late night snack?
Anything with peanut butter on it.

What would you like to say to your mom right now?
Mom, one of the early scenes in this play kicks off with one of your favorite topics of conversation. I hope you enjoy it (wink, wink). And that you don’t kill me.

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A. Rey Pamatmat is thrilled to premiere House Rules with Ma-Yi. Recently, his work was celebrated in Boston where the Huntington and Company One Theatres concurrently presented after all the terrible things I do and Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them in the Calderwood Pavilion. Edith originally premiered at the Humana Festival and received the Steinberg/ATCA New Play Citation and nominations for GLAAD Media and Lambda Literary Awards. Rey is Co-Director of the Ma-Yi Writer’s Lab, teaches at SUNY Purchase and Primary Stages/ESPA, and was a ’12/’13 Hodder Fellow and the ’11/’12 PoNY Fellow.


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