Meet the Costume Designer!

House Rules is a compelling dark comedy written by Labbie A. Rey Pamatmat featuring beautiful costume designs by the ever-talented Martin Schnellinger.


The folks at Ma-Yi took a few minutes to get to know Martin little bit better, and we’re thrilled to share with you what we learned here.




Martin you’ve been doing some incredible work on the costumes for House Rules.  This isn’t your first time working with us, right?
No, I recently designed costumes for Ralph’s Alamat: Stories of Philippine Gold at the Asia Society. So sparkly!

Well, we’re thrilled to have you back in the room. Can you tell us what you are looking forward to most in this rehearsal process?
I think this cast and this creative team are generous and intelligent. Working with them will be fun, if not also a piece of cake!

Why should someone come see this play?
If you are an American and you have a family, you will relate to House Rules. If you have a cranky old uncle or dad or a jokester mom, you will relate. If you are gay, straight or something else you will relate. If you are a goldfish, you should probably stay home.

What’s your favorite game?
Trivial Pursuit

Does your family ever play with it’s own “rules” for a certain game?
No. We didn’t actually play a lot of games growing up. My dad just sat in the living room watching football while my mom read books… My sister also hated board games for some reason.

Do you have any odd or unusual special skills?
I am very normal, but I have been told I walk faster than almost everyone else in NYC. Especially when I’m on a shopping excursion.

What is your favorite late night snack?
Can I say the grocery store?

If you could say anything to your mom and dad right now, what would it be?
Mom and Dad. I love you.

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Learn more about Martin Schnellinger here!


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