Find Your Tribe

A. Rey Pamatmat has been a member of the Writers Lab since 2004 and is now the Co-Director alongside Mike Lew. He is a recipient of multiple honors including the Princess Grace Award for Playwriting.



twitter: @AReyP

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HOUSE RULES | Photo: Web Begole


Define “Asian American.”

A person with East or South Asian heritage currently living in the Americas.


What is “diversity?”

Reality. Liberation from homogenous delusion.


Describe an obstacle you have faced and/or overcome as an Asian American theatre artist.

I’ve gotten theatres around the country to find Asian/Asian-American performers where they didn’t think they existed.


What was the most inspirational or motivational thing someone has told you?

The head of my department in grad school once said to me, “I understand now: your plays don’t make sense until they’re staged,” and I knew I was onto something.


Any words of wisdom for young aspiring Asian American artists?

Find your tribe — whatever that means to you — and do everything you can to support them.


What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a three-play cycle about someone navigating the change in the gay rights movement from queerness to marriage equality that’s both intimate and epic all at once. WISH ME LUCK. 


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The Labbies
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