“SAFE: Three Queer Plays” by Lab Member, A. Rey Pamatmat

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 10, Pearl Studios- 500 8th ave, Room 401,

directed by May Adrales, dramaturgy by Jesse Alick, Sarah Lunnie, and Aaron Malkin.

Ma-Yi Lab Member, A. Rey Pamatmat’s “SAFE:Three Queer Plays” will begin on 11:30 AM on Friday. See schedule below. Space is limited. RSVP to chris@ma-yitheatre.org

with Satya Bhabha, Erica Bradshaw, Nicholas Carriere, Helen Cespedes, Tina Chilip, Daniella De Jesús, Sue Jean Kim, Jacob Knoll, Jon Norman Schneider, and Nick Westrate

11:30am: Reading of “Picture 24”

1:30pm: Reading of “Beautiful Day”

3:30pm: Lunch Break!

4:30pm: Reading of “Here Are Our Monsters”

"SAFE: Three Queer Plays" by A. Rey Pamatmat


I: “Picture 24” — Joey meets Max, and it’s love at first sight… sort of. Joey meets Chuck, but love has nothing to do with it. While preparing an autobiographical photo series for a public showing, the romance and pornography in Joey’s private life start blurring together. Dot com parties, safe sex that’s hot sex, and dial-up Internet welcome you to a queer love story in the year 2000.

II: “Beautiful Day” — In 2007, Joey, Felicia, Kat, and Matthew reunite for a wedding in their small hometown of Port Huron, Michigan where a constitutional amendment was passed defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Haunted by past lives, they navigate the present traditions of marriage in the five nights preceding one beautiful day.

III: “Here Are Our Monsters” — Rupesh wants to marry Joey; Ilsa wants security for her impending tri-racial, quadra-cultural daughter; Philippa wants to buy a condo; and Joey wants to know why “acceptance” makes him more confused and not less. One week after the Supreme Court’s 2015 decision declaring marriage equality the law of the land, a “no” to a wedding proposal unleashes everyone’s anxieties and makes them wonder whether those monsters can ever be locked back up again.


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