Don Nguyen says “Hello, From the Children of Planet Earth”

Ma-Yi Writers Lab Member Don Nguyen‘s play, Hello, From the Children of Planet Earth with performances beginning  Feb. 24th of 2018, at The Duke on 42nd Street, 229 W 42nd Street. 

Friends William and Betsy haven’t seen each other since high school. They’ve both followed their dreams, but something is missing: his all-consuming job at NASA doesn’t leave time for a family, and she can’t bear another unsuccessful round of IVF with her partner Shoshanna. When Betsy texts William out the blue and asks him to be her sperm donor, both friends are forced to make decisions that will shape the rest of their lives. Directed by Jade King Carroll, this new comedy explores a different sort of coming of age – when dreams give way to plans, and idealism becomes realism.

Playwrights Realm and Ma-Yi have been essential in the development of Nguyen‘s play, Hello, From the Children of Planet Earth as seen below:

Don Nguyen

Don Nguyen

Playwrights Realm Workshop March 2017 — Directed by Jade King Carroll

Ma-Yi Workshop October 2016 — Directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker

hERD Podcast Series March 2016 — Directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker

Ma-Yi Winter LabFest January 2016 —  Directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker

Read at All Systems Go: Mission 2, an evening of excerpts from the Propulsion Lab Plays — Directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker


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