“So, like, Jesus is a total stoner and sometimes, you know, kind of a jerk. But he’s totally cute, and totally good on guitar. Mr. Suh, who has a fine ear for modern speech and stoned silliness, takes giddy delight in making Jesus a fairly normal, foul-mouthed guy. This Ma-Yi Theater Company production directed by Daniella Topol moves quickly and has imaginative touches, including Kris Stone’s sparsely evocative set, complete with a rolling wooden camel.”   – The New York Times

Photo credit: Web Begole
“Carefully staged by director Daniella Topol, this uber-hip, rock-infused production depicts the most famous person in the history of Western civilization as just another foul-mouthed teenage burnout squirming under immense parental pressure and his own unfathomable potential… Coping with being the Son of God should be a monumental transition, but Suh instead renders it with casual grace, employing refreshingly contemporary slang, loud music, and Theresa Squire’s stylish modern costumes to ground this prodigal savior in a kind of manageable normalcy.” –Backstage 

“The show is really fun.  There are lots of bratty teenage fights and high-on-weed revelations.  The punk music is played with great, silly, gusto.”

“… a wild and frequently amusing rumspringa for the adolescent Christ… Jesus in India is filled with entertaining incongruities, along with some interesting insights: Suh gestures to the parallels between the hippie thirst for new spirituality and the flowering of new faiths in the first-century Middle East.” – Village Voice


“An interesting, funny, profane and very touching piece. And a rock musical. Wow!” -Christine S.

“The play made me think about my own family and my own faith in ways that I appreciate. Seeing such an unusual and unexpected story (in a church!), it felt like a communal religious experience that I very much recommend.” – Sheldon T.

“It is always refreshing to see a small theatre group create such big performances with professional and enthusiastic energy.  With the ongoing fight for Broadway to create projects with mass appeal, I thank you wholeheartedly for a night of pure creativity, talent and intelligence in an intimate and well designed setting.” – Anne N.


Episode 5 (The Final Video): CONVERSATIONS WITH JESUS

Find out what the pope has been up to in his retirement in this final episode of CONVERSATIONS WITH JESUS.

But don’t worry! The fun’s not over. JESUS IN INDIA is still running until March 10th. So far, it’s been playing to full houses. Be one of the folks who’s in the conversation!


Uncensored: Jesus, Kim Jong-un and Fidel Castro. Check out the latest installment. And while you’re at it, check out JESUS IN INDIA! Performances began to a rocking audience. You can be a part of it too!


Dorothy and Jesus have a heart-to-heart. Click below to witness how it all goes down.

PLUS only one week left before performances begin for JESUS IN INDIA. Get yourself a seat!





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