THANK YOU for supporting the Writers Lab!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for supporting Orphans of the Nightingale of the Desert: A Bollywood Spectacular!

I am so proud of our Writers Lab, and grateful to those insanely talented actors who can morph from a pig to an artistic director in the blink of an eye.   And it’s not every day you get to see David Henry Hwang chasing people off the stage with a bat.

I hope you had as much fun as we did.

A safe, and happy holidays to you and yours.


Ralph B. Peña

Ma-Yi on TDF’s Theatre Dictionary!

We are thrilled to be a part of the brand new TDF Theatre Dictionary!

Ma-Yi created a video to explore the term “rainbow casting”. Watch the video here and tell us what you think! Maybe even send us your own definition!

Theatre Development Fund launches the TDF Theatre Dictionary – a video guide to “theatre lingo” by TDF and theatre companies from across North America

The TDF Theatre Dictionary with special welcome video starring Denis O’Hare is accessible at

  The TDF Theatre Dictionary is a video guide to common and not-so common theatre lingo. It defines theatre terms with short, original films that have been made by TDF or commissioned from performing arts institutions across North America.  The TDF Theatre Dictionary is accessible at The website homepage has a welcome video starring stage, screen and television star Denis O’Hare.

The Theatre Dictionary empowers audiences by bringing them closer to the theatre’s language, helping them to become ‘theatre insiders.’ It empowers theatre artists by inviting them to make art. It sparks essential conversation by encouraging everyone to celebrate the theatre’s place in our culture.

“At TDF we are always looking for new ways to reach artists and audiences,” said Mark Blankenship, TDF’s Online Content Editor.  “With the dictionary we are striving to create an entertaining, accessible reference tool, while at the same time providing theatre companies a way to create art and reach their audiences. We also wanted to expand the theatre’s role in the online world, and these videos felt like a fresh, creative way to celebrate what theatre artists do.”



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